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    Revolutionizing Islamic Finance with a Decentralized Approach to Exchange, Autonomous Governance, and Ethical Lending Protocols

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    Earn Genuine Yields with a Paying DAO, Realizing Financial Growth through Active Participation and Amana Vault Investments

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    Liberty Finance is the worlds first ethical, inclusive and transparent decentralized financial solution powered by blockchain technology.

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    Unleash a new paradigm for islamic lending with our lighting fast commodity Murabahah settlement engine


Liberty Finance

Innovates by merging Islamic finance principles with advanced DeFi technology.

Murabaha model

Using our blockchain protocols, we’ve developed a swift lending engine for Islamic financiers employing the Murabaha model.

Ethical DEX services

Our platform hosts a unique DEX adhering to Shariah law, ensuring inclusive access to ethical financial services.

Fast & efficient

Leveraging Arbitrum Orbit, finance institutions and peer-to-peer lenders can swiftly create and issue funds within minutes.

Harmony in Innovation

Central to our ethos, Liberty Finance is fundamentally a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). However, we are more than a mere governing entity; we represent a vibrant community of stakeholders deeply engaged in the platform’s evolution, steadfast in upholding Islamic financial tenets.

Ethics in Every Algorithm

These principles are the cornerstone of our operations, championing fairness, ethics, and transparency in every endeavor.

Empowering, Not Replacing

Our commitment transcends mere compliance; it’s about setting a benchmark in the DeFi landscape, breaking barriers to make decentralized finance universally accessible and ethically sound.

Invest ethically and grow your wealth with Shariah-Compliant opportunities.

Amana Vaults

Engage actively in our innovative initiative by staking $LIBFI tokens in the Amana Vaults. These vaults are pivotal in fortifying our private chain, facilitating the delivery of Islamic lending services to traditional financiers, peer-to-peer lenders, and Islamic banks.A standout feature of the Amana Vaults is their robust revenue-sharing model. With up to 70% of net revenue generated from both traditional financial services (TradFi) and DEX services (DeFi) is allocated back to the vaults.This redistribution fosters a mutually beneficial ecosystem, rewarding the Amana vaults participants.

Amana Vaults

Governance Voting

Reduced Fees

Liberty Finance

Token Utility


Project Roadmap


Initial DEX Testnet Deployed

Alpha release of DEX, DeFi protocol development, Core Team Formation

2023 Q4

Relaunching On arbitrum

Dex testnet rollout on Arbitrum, Mawhiba Incentive program

2024 Q1

Token & Amana Vault Launch

LibFi DAO & Governance Protocol, Presale, Public Sale and Token Launch, Amana Vaults ($LIBFI) launch on Mainnet, TradeFi POC

2024 Q2

LibFi Academy

Online education academy launch with protocol features and Islamic finance courses

2024 Q2

LibFi DeFi Launch on Mainnet

Launch on Mainnet with Swap, LP Staking and Amana Vaults (Real Yield)

2024 Q3

Professional Trading Experience

Full suite of CEX features rolled out in LibFi DeFi (e.g Compliant Margin Trading, On Ramps and Off Ramps, Advanced Trading Interface)

2024 Q3

TradFi Expansion

New TradFi Services, Peer-to-Peer Lending, Incubation, Marketplaces

Our Founders

Meet the Minds
Behind the Magic

With a wealth of experience in scaling businesses, building SaaS applications, understanding Islamic and Traditional Finance as well as Blockchain, our team is a phenomenal force driving our solutions forward.


Co-Founder / CEO

Over 15 years in SaaS, grew previous start-up to 1.5 million users.

Founder of the largest edtech SaaS platform in Africa.


Co-Founder / COO

MSc in Tech Management, 20+ years in Product, Marketing, and Sales.

Spearheaded multiple innovative project rollouts from integration to market.


Co-Founder / Finance Director

Senior Tax Consultant & CFO at Isegoria; Advisor at Antonym.life

10+ years in finance, experienced in capital raising.


Co-Founder / CTO

35-year tech industry veteran with a focus on blockchain for the last five years.

Led innovation in both start-ups and large companies.

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